Village of Los Ranchos Municipal Court    

Municipal Judge Robert J. Maw, Jr.

Municipal Judge
Robert J. Maw, Jr.

The Los Ranchos Municipal Court is one of 80 municipal courts in New Mexico.  There are 94 presiding judges in these courts.  There are more municipal courts than any other type of court in the state.

In New Mexico, the municipal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction as they only hear criminal cases and do not hear civil cases.  

The Los Ranchos Municipal Court will hear the following types of cases:  petty misdemeanors, and other municipal ordinance violations including zoning and animal control offenses.  There are no jury trials and therefore the cases heard are punishable by a maximum of 179 days incarceration per offense.

Appeals of the decisions of the Los Ranchos Municipal Court are heard by the New Mexico 2nd Judicial District Court.  The municipal court is an integral part of the New Mexico justice system.  The commission of perjury in the municipal court is a felony. 

Judge Robert Maw is a Los Ranchos businessman with over 31 years of experience in the health care, oil and gas and securities/financial services industries.  He is a Registered Principal and Municipal Securities Principal with the Financial Industries Regulatory Authority.  He is also a commercial pilot with 39 years of experience.  

Judge Maw has also served on several corporate boards and commissions.  He attended multiple programs at Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, New Mexico Judicial Education Center, as well as the National Judicial College “Conducting the Trial” program, and Civil Mediation Certification program.

The Municipal Court Clerk, Maxine Baca, may be contacted by phone at 505-344-6582, fax 575-635-4194, or via email at

Please note: The court clerk is available in person on Mondays and Thursdays from 1:30pm to 5:00pm. Documents can be submitted for filing to the fax or email above when the clerk is not available in person.

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  • Click here to download the The Rules of Procedure for the Municipal Court may be accessed here in Section 8 of the NMRA. The forms required by the Court are here in NMRA section 9.

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  • Click here to download Non-Traffic Court Familiarization in PDF format

  • New Mexico Courts website

*These links are provided as a convenience.  If links are unavailable, they should be obtained New Mexico Rules of Criminal Procedure Sections 8 and 9.

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