Places to Live

Welcome to the Los Ranchos.  The Village has become a well sought after place to live, raise a family, grow crops, and enjoy the country character and rich agricultural heritage we offer with the conveniences of city life close-by.  

The Village of Los Ranchos was incorporated as a municipality in 1958. It was born from a desire for preservation of a rural lifestyle with open fields, unencumbered views and active cultivation of the land. We work hard to maintain a rural character and seeks to balance the desire for growth and improvement in the commercial zone with rural quiet living, an abundance of wildlife, and great vistas that makes Los Ranchos unique and treasured. For a boundary map, visit the Planning and Zoning page by clicking here.  

Los Ranchos is composed of eight different zones, five of which are single family residential in nature, with the sixth, seventh and proposed eighth, C-1 Commercial, Village Center (VC) and the proposed mixed use residential/commercial Transit District (TD) also allowing single and multifamily dwellings. Of the five residential zones, A-3, A-2, A-1, R-2 and R-3, A-1 (one dwelling unit per acre) is the most prevalent throughout the Village.  

In the year 2000 the Village had a population of approximately 5,092 residents, with 2,089 total housing units. This number included 201 mobile homes in existing mobile home parks. Over the last ten years New Mexico has experienced a large growth in population – from 1,819,046 in 2000 to 1,954,599 in 2006, a 7.5 increase. In the same time period, metro Albuquerque’s population increased by 12.6%, from 448,607 in 2000 to 504, 949 in 2006.  

As metro population increased, the desirability of living in Los Ranchos also grew. The Village had 172 new housing starts between 2000 and 2009 for a total of 815,017 square feet. Building values in the ten year period exceeded $122,736,252.00 for residential construction alone.

In 2005, the nationwide craze for building “McMansions” came into the Village, with houses going from the previous average size of 3,207 square feet to as large as 21,000 square feet. In response, the Village revised Ordinances and initiated a Floor Area Ratio in the A-1 Zone which limited housing size to 20% of lot area. In 2008, an all Village FAR was initiated so that “McMansion” builders could not purchase property in substantially older neighborhoods and build exceedingly large houses among the older, smaller existing ones.

2008 and 2009 saw a sharp decline in building brought about by the national economic collapse in the housing industry. Fewer McMansions were designed and new housing starts were minimal.  As Los Ranchos became desirable real estate land prices rose accordingly and previous agricultural lands were lost to subdivision.

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