Establishing a "Sense of Place" and Pride for the Village

 Thank you to all our residents and business owners who participated in the planning meetings and focus groups for our Fourth Street Revitalization and Redesign Project. I would especially like to thank the Planning and Zoning Commissioners and the Trustees for voting to approve continuation of the project onto the next phase. Their recognition of the importance of the revitalization of Fourth Street speaks to the commitment to the project expressed at every level of the Village.

The ultimate goal is to provide Los Ranchos residents and businesses with a core live, work and play environment to boost our local economy and sustain a vibrant corridor with sidewalks, landscaping, pocket parks and sense of Los Ranchos’ unique history and culture.

In short, this economic development project will ultimately provide Los Ranchos residents and businesses with a sense of place for which we all can take pride. In doing so, we hope to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide our current businesses with a more vibrant and conducive environment to conduct business; 
  • Make Fourth Street a destination for economic activity;
  • Slow down traffic;
  • Improve street lighting for safety;
  • Make Fourth Street pedestrian friendly with sidewalks and street crossings;
  • Create gateways to the Village.

The Village was incorporated in 1958; however, the majority of Fourth Street was not annexed until thirty years later. Previous administrations were forward thinking to annex a commercial district for Los Ranchos. Unfortunately, there was never a plan to integrate the businesses into the community. In fact, up until ten years ago many businesses still used Albuquerque as their address. As we know, it is very hard to form a sense of place, a sense of pride, and a cohesive community when the name of the community is not universally embraced. The good news today is that we are moving past those earlier challenges and have a solid plan for the future development of Fourth Street.

For more than twenty years, our Village has acknowledged that the present design on Fourth Street needs improvement.  Discussions about Fourth Street have divided our community and even resulted in costly lawsuits but the end result still remains that something needs to be done. We have not had a consensus on what improvements we need until now.

After a very thorough public involvement process we have united as a community, both business and residential, around a design that will define and sustain Los Ranchos for not only the next couple of years but, most importantly, for the next twenty to thirty years. We are excited by the energy and enthusiasm that surrounds this project. We will keep you posted on our progress. For more information regarding all the discussions to-date, current design proposal, and related items, please visit our website at


- Larry P. Abraham, Mayor

Posted on May 28, 2015 .