Update on BCSO Deputy Robin Hopkins

Deputy Hopkins husband provided the Village with the following information.  This is the first public release of the extent of Deputy Hopkins injuries.  As you can see her recovery is going to be very long and tedious.  Your support of our BCSO deputy will be very much appreciated.


"Deputy Hopkins sustained a single gun shot wound from a high-powered rifle bullet to her left thigh very high up and close to her left hip.  The bullet passes completely through her thigh and close to her left hip.  The bullet passed completely through her thigh and, in the process, shattered her left femoral bone and completely destroyed most of the arterial and venous blood vessels in her left leg that provide blood flow to and from this extremity.  A tourniquet placed by her fellow deputies on her leg stopped the massive bleeding, and BCFD medics from station 30 transported her to UNMH.

Deputy Hopkins has had vascular surgical repair to the arterial and venous blood vessels that could be saved to restore blood flow to her left leg.  She has undergone several surgeries to help treat swelling in her leg and maintain the viability of her thigh and lower leg muscles and has now finally been able to have all the surgical wounds closed.

The broken femur is being managed with a special orthopedic device temporarily to stabilize the broken bone, and she plans to have the final repair of her femur performed within the next few weeks."

Posted on November 19, 2013 .